The Okayama Autumn Sake Festival 2017

This September from the 15th to the 17th, the Okayama Autumn Sake Festival will be held in Shimoishii Park along the Nishigawa Green Canal Park in Okayama City.


Kikuchi Sake Brewery and Miyashita Sake Brewery will join in the Autumn Sake Festival.
These breweries are trying to draw domestic customers attention to the high quality of Okayama-produced sake.


In recent years, Japanese people are turning away from sake; they are turning towards whiskey, wine, and the other alcohol from outside Japan. This sake festival is an the excellent opportunity for both sake breweries and people who do not know much about sake to come together.

9月の15日から17日にかけて、岡山 秋の酒まつりが下石井公園で開催され、菊池酒造と宮下酒造が参加することになりました。



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