Bizen Ware Market in Okayama City 2017

On the 14th May 2017, the Higashiyama Bizen Ware Market was held in Okayama City for vitalizing the local economy.


Products from the Bizen area, especially Bizen ware, were featured at this event. There were a wide variety of food booths and pottery booths with unique work by the potters themselves.

Some visitors enjoyed Japanese ‘matcha’ tea served in Bizen ware at this mobile tatami tea wagon. Many families and Bizen ware lovers came this market.


Okayama Sake & Bizen-yaki Master class at Rockpool in Sydney[ vol.2 ]

岡山県5蔵&備前焼マスタークラス・シドニー編はオーストラリアの鉄人Neil Perryシェフ率いるRockpool Bar&Grill, Sydneyにて開催。

at “Rockpool Bar&Grill, Sydney


Okayama Sake & Bizen-yaki Master class at Rockpool in Sydney[vol.1 ]

岡山県5蔵&備前焼マスタークラス・シドニー編はオーストラリアの鉄人Neil Perryシェフ率いるRockpool Bar&Grill, Sydneyにて開催。酒蔵さんの情熱、ソムリエ伊賀さんの冴え渡るプレゼン、向上心溢れる姿勢で学ぶRockpool Bar&Grill, Sydneyのスタッフさん達、すべてが絡み合った白熱のSAKE TIMEは必ずや未来に繋がると思います。

at “Rockpool Bar&Grill, Sydney



Quality Okayama Event in Cumulus Up, AUS.

We held the 1st day event in Melbourne, Australia. We’ll open the next event 17th Jun. at Rockpool, Sydney.


Quality Okayama master classes & tasting event 2017 in Melbourne.


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Team Quality Okayama in AUS 2017.

Team Quality Okayama in Australia 2017. The day is Tomorrow, 16th Jun. The team walked around at Cumlus Up and NGV to prepare for the exhibition today.

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