Taiten Shiragiku Junmai Daiginjo Omachi

Shiragiku Shuzo Taiten Shiragiku
Junmai Daiginjo Omachi

Junmai Daiginjo

The pride of Okayama's "shuzo kotekimai", or rice suitable for sake making is Omachi rice; after polishing the rice, the Bitchu-style master brewer puts all effort into brewing. A traditional pressing method known as 'fune-shibori' is used; then, this special sake made by using especially high quality, undiluted sake that has been pressed again and is called 'nakatori', and ripening it with/under low temperature inside the brewery. The result is a sake with a busty, soft taste characterstic of Omachi rice that spreads through one's mouth. Well chilled, it goes well with white fleshed fish and lightly seasoned dishes. Additionally, the elegant, fruity fragrance of a Daiginjo sake can be enjoyed when the sake, at a temperature of about 15 degrees, is poured into a wine glass and the aroma arises.

Alcohol content / 16.5%
Rice-polishing rate / 50%
NET / 720ml
Ingredient / Rice, Malted rice(all raw ingredients made in Okayama Prefecture)

Taiten Shiragiku Junmaishu Junmai Shiragiku
Taiten Shiragiku
Junmai Ginjo
Omachi 55

Junmai Ginjo

This Junmai Ginjo sake is made from 100% Omachi rice. The rice is polished to a 55% milling ratio, and is brewed using the brewery’s well-water and traditional Bitchu-area brewing techniques. This sake is elegant and refined, and has a soft, expansive flavor; the umami flavor of the rice and acids are well-balanced, resulting in an excellent sake. A rich aroma can be enjoyed from the moment the bottle is opened, and the expression “delicious sake” fits perfectly. ‘Nama’ (unpasteurized) sake served chilled, or pasteurized sake served at room temperature or warmed, this sake has a moderately firmness, well-rounded, elegant acidity.
Taiten Shiragiku Kimoto Junmaishu Omachi70
Taiten Shiragiku
Kimoto Junmaishu


This is a Junmaishu made using Omachi rice which is conversely not polished much, according to a traditional method of making sake mash called "kimoto". Having an umami flavor brewed from lactic acid bacterium and yeast natural inhabiting the brewery, this sake has a deep, complicated acidic taste that is unique to this brewery. Especially with mature sake, the taste is a well-rounded and soft umami. Served warmed, this sake can enjoyed more fully. Naturally, it pairs well with Japanese food, as well as with meat dishes, cheese and more.

Shiragiku Shuzo

The brewery was founded by first generation brewer Hirotaro Watanabe in 1886 in old Bitchu country in the western portion of Okayama Prefecture, the home of sake production since ancient times. Focusing mainly on specialty rice grown in Okayama for sake production, our company helped bring back rice for sake making and rice for everyday consumption; together with clear and plentiful water and the skills of the Bitchu brew master, we are thankful to be blessed with an environment suitable for sake making, and we strive constantly to always make a better sake. The water of the upper Nariwa River moistens the whole area, beautiful caves and valleys, and the wide karst terrain; the spring water passing through the stratum has a wonderful mineral balance, resulting in a rare water for brewing.

Yuji Miyake

Shiragiku Shuzo TojiYuji Miyake

In this region, the brew master is referred to as "oyattsuan"; at our brewery, the "oyasttsuan" is Yuji Miyake (see photo), a genuine Bitchu-style master brewer. "Bitchu" is the old name of the country that lies in the northern area of Okayama prefecture. Sake making skills took root since the middle of Edo Period of Bitchu country; rice, water, and good skills of the area became the trinity of sake making. Over the course of time, Bitchu master brewers were in command of sake breweries across the country during the Meiji-Taisho period (1868-1912 / 1912-1926), and some even went to the continent to head sake production there. Master Brewer Miyake continues to refine the unbroken tradition of passing down skills; under his guidance, young brewers continuously accrue loyalty in their search for delicious sake.
Shiragiku Shuzo
163-1 Shimohina, Nariwa-cho,
Takahashi-city, Okayama,
716-0101, Japan

TEL: +81 866 42 3132


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