Futamo: Omachi Rice Tsurushi Bizenyaki Junmai

Itano Shuzo Honten Futamo: Omachi Rice
Tsurushi Bizenyaki Junmai


From the old days, ‘miso’ paste and vinegar made by placing a piece of Bizen ware in the fermentation tanks has been reputed to be delicious; this sake is made by placing a piece of Bizen ware in the tank of fermentation mash. The result is a semi-dry Junmai sake with exquisitely balanced acidic and umami flavours. This sake can be enjoyed at room temperature, chilled, or on the rocks. It pairs well with Japanese dishes such as sushi and other seafood dishes, and unexpectedly with salads, chocolate, and more. We recommend it as a sake served with meals.

Alcohol content / 15%
Rice-polishing rate / 65%
NET / 500ml
Ingredient / Rice, Malted rice(all raw ingredients made in Okayama Prefecture)

Futamo: Omachi Rice Tsurushi Bizenyaki
Futamo: Omachi Rice
Tsurushi Bizenyaki
Tsurusi Bizenyaki


From the old days, ‘miso’ paste and vinegar made by placing a piece of Bizenyaki ware in the fermentation tanks has been reputed to be delicious; this sake is made by placing a piece of Bizenyaki ware in the tank of fermentation mash. Having a complex and broad texture of old rice varieties, this sake is characterized by an expansive mild taste. It is produced with the concept of providing a reasonably-priced Omachi rice sake. It can be enjoyed chilled, at room temperature, or heated, and pairs well with barbeque and other meat dishes, pizza, dried fruit, and more. This is a sake for everyday enjoyment.

Itano Shuzo Honten

Between the southern area of Okayama Prefecture which faces the Seto Inland Sea, and the deep green ravines of Kibi Highland in the central part of the prefecture where beautiful 'jinya' shogunate headquarters and old town areas remain, is this brewery in the Ashimori district of Okayama City. A white-walled brewery built in the Edo period (1603-1868), the brewery began operating in 1870. The earthen walled structure naturally adjusts temperature and humidity levels; old breweries that have unique structures and devices that naturally assisted the craftsman of bygone days are impossible to reproduce. Blessed with a rare environmental situation, only rice produced in Okayama Prefecture is used and is brewed the old fashioned way.

Fuminobu Itano

Itano Shuzo Honten TojiFuminobu Itano

Born in 1973, Itano, together with his elder sister, manage a "new wave" in the world Okayama brewers. His creed is "to borrow the harshness of local nature, and to use the old brewery and tools to make unique, 'Only One' sake." The skills for Bitchu-style of sake production at this brewery have received awards of honor for 40 consecutive years at the Prefectural Master Brewers' Sake Fair; this is a great merit that has been passed down from preceding masters. Itano loves the clear, blue water of the Ashimori River, which was the water source to Bitchu Takamatsu Castle and which historical figure Hideyoshi Toyotomi cut off; extracting the power of Omachi rice to his fullest power, Itano always strives to further improve.
Itano Shuzo Honten
2272 Oi, Kita-ku Okayama-shi,
Okayama, 701-1462, Japan

TEL: +81 86 295 0025


Kami no Kura

Kami-no-Kura / Itano Shuzo Honten
2272 Ooi, Kita-ku, Okayama city, Okayama, 701-1462, Japan
+81 86 295 0025 (Japanese only)
A shop gathering delicious, local items
that make you feel happy.

Kami-no-Kura is a local building from the Edo Period in which a pawn shop was operating; the building was moved to the current site and renovated into a shop. The shop products have as few additives as possible and are safe products, products made by manufacturers and makers that show the production method as well as heart; but more than anything, these products are delicious. It is expected that the most delicious sake matches well with the food and preferences of the local area. Therefore, the product lineup that we have collected are specialty items produced locally in Okayama. If you find these products delicious and feel a little happy, we are also happy.

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