Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was featured in lifestyle and art magazine “Pen”

Kikuchi Sake Brewery’s Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was featured in a series discussing fine sakes selected by a professional Japanese sommelier in the popular Japanese lifestyle and art magazine called “Pen”.

Sake is attracting wine lovers worldwide, and this is why the magazine chose a professional Japanese wine sommelier to cover this series. 85 sakes were nominated and classified into four types, such as the fragrant type, light taste type, the aged type, and the full-bodied type in a blind taste test.

Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was chosen as a fragrant type since naturally cultivated Omachi rice is used, which results in a sake with a mature aroma and taste.

Magazine “Pen” –Feature/Nihonshu

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