The Okayama Autumn Sake Festival 2017

This September from the 15th to the 17th, the Okayama Autumn Sake Festival will be held in Shimoishii Park along the Nishigawa Green Canal Park in Okayama City.


Kikuchi Sake Brewery and Miyashita Sake Brewery will join in the Autumn Sake Festival.
These breweries are trying to draw domestic customers attention to the high quality of Okayama-produced sake.


In recent years, Japanese people are turning away from sake; they are turning towards whiskey, wine, and the other alcohol from outside Japan. This sake festival is an the excellent opportunity for both sake breweries and people who do not know much about sake to come together.

9月の15日から17日にかけて、岡山 秋の酒まつりが下石井公園で開催され、菊池酒造と宮下酒造が参加することになりました。




The prizes “Kura Master – le grand concours de sake japonais de Paris 2017”

We’re honored of the prizes of Kura master award which is a Sake contest in France the first time.

Kikuchi Sake Brewery and Miyashita Brewery from Quality Okayama team got award each.

The contest announces like below(from the official website).

Kura Master is the first contest of Japanese sake in France. There have already been several Japanese sake competitions in the world, but our goal is a Japanese Sake contest for French by the French. Simultaneously we will create a place where you can experience the marriage between Japanese sake and French and Japanese gastronomy. This culture in gastronomy is always very important and essential for cultural understanding between countries.

The judges are all French, the French sommeliers and professionals of the food industry, chefs, confectioners, restaurants, teachers of schools of the hotel or gastronomy. We not only wanted to organize a competition but also we compose Japanese sake courses in harmony with gastronomy and also invite producers and thus bring together amateurs and professionals.


[ Kikuchi Sake Brewery ]
Junmai – Gold prize / Sanzen Tokubetsu Junmai Omachi
Junmai Daiginjo – Platinum prize / Sanzen Daiginjo



[ Miyashita Brewery ]

Junmai Daiginjo – Gold prize / Kiwamihijiri Junmai Daiginjo Takashimaomachi

Miyashita Sake Brewery




Kura Master 日本酒審査風景
Kura Master 日本酒審査風景
Kura Master 日本酒審査風景



この度、Quality Okayamaの「菊地酒造」「宮下酒造」の日本酒が、フランスで初めてとなる日本酒のコンテスト、「Kura Master – le grand concours de sake japonais de Paris 2017」で受賞いたしました。

フランスで初めてとなる日本酒のコンテスト、「Kura Master – le grand concours de sake japonais de Paris 2017」がパリ7区にあるAtelier Eiffelで平成29年6月26日に行われました。この度の審査会では、フランス各地から集まった、ソムリエ、レストラン関係者、ホテル・料理学校関係者などのプロフェッショナルな方、32名を中心に構成し、全員事前に日本酒の概要と利き酒・評価方法のレクチャーを受けた上で、ワインの専門家としての立ち位置で日本酒を審査いたしました。


「Kura Master」は下記の様な目的の場であると発表しています。




菊池酒造 = 「純米部門 金賞」燦然 特別純米 雄町
「純米大吟醸部門 プラチナ賞」燦然 純米大吟醸

宮下酒造 = 「純米大吟醸部門 金賞」極聖 純米大吟醸 高島雄町


Kikuchi Sake Brewery awarded in The International Wine Challenge 2017

Kikuchi Sake Brewery’s “Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Genshu” (genshu: undiluted sake) won a gold medal in the International Wine Challenge 2017 in the Junmai Daiginjo class of the sake category.

The competition is the largest wine competition in the world. There were 341 entries in the Junmai Daiginjo class from different breweries; only 14 sakes were chosen to receive gold medals and “Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Genshu” received the honor.

The award has emboldened the brewers’ to continue to produce the best sake they can.

Awarded Sakes, Kikuchi Sake Brewery


G7 Education Ministers Meeting in Kurashiki, Okayama

Kikuchi Sake Brewery received a letter of appreciation from the mayor of Kurashiki City for providing “Sanzen Junmai Daiginjo Genshu” (genshu: undiluted sake) at the welcome reception for the G7 Education Ministers Meeting in Kurashiki.


The G7 Education Ministers Meeting in Kurashiki


Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was featured in lifestyle and art magazine “Pen”

Kikuchi Sake Brewery’s Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was featured in a series discussing fine sakes selected by a professional Japanese sommelier in the popular Japanese lifestyle and art magazine called “Pen”.

Sake is attracting wine lovers worldwide, and this is why the magazine chose a professional Japanese wine sommelier to cover this series. 85 sakes were nominated and classified into four types, such as the fragrant type, light taste type, the aged type, and the full-bodied type in a blind taste test.

Kimura-shiki Kiseki-no-Sake was chosen as a fragrant type since naturally cultivated Omachi rice is used, which results in a sake with a mature aroma and taste.

Magazine “Pen” –Feature/Nihonshu

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