Bizen ware exhibition and sake tasting in Melbourne QV

Japan in Melbourne introduces Quality Okayama Project and our event 2015 at No Vacancy Gallery  in Melbourne QV.


Bizen ware is ready for bringing out.

Bizen ware is bringing out, after fire in a kiln.
[Procedure of Bizen]

Kenshi Nakamoto(Left)

Born in Hiroshima in 1975. Kenshi Nakamoto has studied in Isesaki Shin teacher of a Bizen ware master, after graduating from the pottery course of a university. He took the prize for the Okayama prefecture art exhibition in 2001 and 2002. 2005, he stared his career as an independent artist.


Sho Fujita(Right)

From Wakayama Prefecture. Sho Fujita makes of Bizen ware and sale while feeling nature in the quiet environment.He studies the characteristics of various soil, makes to think the best form for the soil: baking without processing the soil, like texture of old Bizen, the shape which matches present-day living space, etc.

Bizen wares shop Keido Honten

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